Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) commonly asked by our clients. Have a read if you’re interested in what we do. If our FAQs haven’t answered your questions, we’re more than delighted to have you contact us. We might even add your enquiries to our list of FAQs!

As an Event Planner, we will not only be your main organiser and initiator, we will also be the ear and support you’ll need throughout the whole planning process right through to the end.

We are here to relieve that stress for you and make the whole planning process seamless and easy for you leading up to the day of your event.

Yes absolutely! Your input in this is just as important as your event, You will be kept in the loop throughout the whole planning process. We will be transparent and clear right from the get go throughout the whole planning process leading up to the day of the event so you won’t miss out.

Planning an Event is certainly not an easy task, especially if you already have busy routine and lifestyle. From venue searching to liaising with vendors, suppliers and then putting it all together can be overwhelming.

Having an Event Planner gives you not only peace of mind but a weight off your shoulders and knowing that you have that someone to do the legwork and take on the task of bringing it all to fruition allows us to give you the opportunity to focus on you and being excited for your big day!

Our minimum spend is $1000, if your budget is lower we can still assist with your event or styling set up by connecting you with one of our suppliers. We want to help everyone the best possible way we can and we will provide you with a solution to assist any way we can.

Yes! absolutely we can tailor or add to the package you like, there may be a price increase. Our mission is to make your event special and to ensure your needs are met.

The set up is usually done before the day of the event and depending on the scale of the event we can set up on the day provided there is provision to access the venue early for the suppliers to set up.