What’s trending in weddings

Wedding trends are constantly evolving, but here are a few of the current trends that are popular:

  1. Intimate weddings: Due to the pandemic, many couples are opting for smaller and more intimate weddings with just close family and friends.
  2. Outdoor weddings: Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to their natural beauty and the ability to host larger events while still maintaining social distancing.
  3. Sustainable weddings: Many couples are incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable elements into their weddings, such as choosing locally-sourced or organic food, using recycled paper for invitations, and choosing eco-friendly decor.
  4. Bold and colourful decor: Bold and bright colours are making a comeback in wedding decor, with couples incorporating rich jewel tones, bright florals, and unique tablescapes.
  5. Personalized details: Couples are incorporating personal touches and unique details into their weddings, such as custom monograms, signature cocktails, and creative guest book alternatives.
  6. Non-traditional wedding attire: More couples are moving away from traditional wedding attire, opting for non-traditional colours, fabrics, and styles for their wedding day look.
  7. Interactive experiences: Couples are incorporating interactive experiences into their weddings, such as photo booths, food stations, and live entertainment to keep guests engaged and entertained throughout the event.

Overall, weddings are becoming more personalized and reflective of the couple’s unique style and preferences, with a focus on creating memorable experiences for guests.